OZA utilized the ZMET process to help us gain tremendous insight about consumers' positive emotional connection with orange juice. The research results have enabled us to reframe our marketing programs and messaging to reach customers more effectively.

– Bob Norberg
Deputy Executive Director, Research and Operations, Florida Department of Citrus


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ZMET Concept Development

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half."    

– Department store pioneer John Wanamaker

It has been more than a century since John Wanamaker expressed that sentiment, but even today many managers share his frustration. ZMET Concept Development identifies what consumers are thinking when they see a piece of communication. Leveraging those insights can make the difference between an effective campaign that builds a relationship with consumers, and a campaign that falls flat.

ZMET Concept Development aligns communication executions with deep consumer insights. In contrast to traditional copy testing, ZMET Concept Development measures how effectively an execution resonates with your consumers' unconscious emotional drivers identifies the co-created meaning that emerges when people view a concept through their own psychological lens.

Our approach can be applied to a broad range of communication material at any point in the creative process.

Through an analysis of respondents' stories and metaphors, we determine if a piece of communication is activating the intended strategic meanings and mental frames. We also provide ideas for improving the effectiveness of your communication materials.

ZMET Concept Development applications:

• Determining the relevance of positioning concepts
• Developing imagery for mood boards
• Evaluating message content
• Fine-tuning of animatics and rough cuts
• Selecting the most effective audio, text or visual cues
• Evaluating package designs
• Creating and evaluating brand (or company) stories
• Evaluating policy or program descriptions