"The results blew my mind.  With the information we got from ZMET, we landed two of the biggest partners in the film, JetBlue and MINI.  It was pretty incredible." 

-- Director Morgan Spurlock,
who used ZMET to market his film,
POM Wonderful Presents:
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold




ZMET® Produces Actionable Results
At the conclusion of a project, our clients move forward with a set of deep insights into consumer thinking and guidelines for translating those insights into effective marketing actions.

Immersion Session
During this 2-3 hour session, the Olson Zaltman Associates team presents the ZMET insights along with strategic implications that will help guide your organization’s thinking.

Workable Wondering
In this second session, Olson Zaltman spends a half-day leading your team through a set of dynamic ideation exercises that convert the insights into viable strategic actions.