"ZMET is an incredibly powerful tool that provides insights into the relationships that people have with brands"    

-- Rob Scalea,
CEO of The Brand Union Americas,
part of WPP


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For 15 years, Olson Zaltman Associates' clients have used the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) to mine the unexplored depths of consumers’ thoughts and feelings. Unlike surveys and most focus groups, ZMET digs into the unconscious mind to discover what truly motivates consumers, and to help you understand the role that a product or service plays in people's lives.

Among the topics we have explored:
• What it means to be a mom
• How high school students feel about going to college
• How it feels to make a big decision
• How it feels to live with COPD
• What it is like to have heartburn
• How it feels for a man to have gray hair
• How it feels to shop at a convenience store
• How IT managers make decisions
• The meaning of money

Additionally, clients have used ZMET to understand organizational behavior issues such as employee satisfaction and internal reactions to a company policy. 

We also have conducted successful ZMET projects on key social and public policy issues.

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