"Metaphors are a very powerful tool because they are familiar to everyone, they help tie together related concepts, and as the Olson Zaltman study revealed, they resonate in the deepest possible way."   

-- Ashley Memory,
Senior Director of Admissions,
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill


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ZMET® in Situ

ZMET in Situ is different from other ethnographic techniques. We do not merely observe behavior and then ask questions about it.  Instead, we conduct ZMET interviews in the most relevant environment (like the home or the workplace), and develop an understanding of the emotional context of that environment.

In addition to the metaphor analysis we do for any ZMET project, we also pay close attention to the environmental factors and people’s behaviors within that environment.  The result is a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the consumer experience than one would expect from standard market research ethnography.